HEAR THE MUSIC is a professional, cost-efficient and safe digital promo mail-out application with an effective analysis of your promo mail-out process

  • send watermarked DIGITAL PROMOS (wav / mp3 downloads or streaming only)
  • regular NEWSLETTER MAILINGS (no additional tool like MailChimp necessary)
  • create LABEL-STICKERS to label your physical product mailings (cd´s / vinyl / merch.)

    All within one tool and only one contact database for you to manage

Our customers are  record companies, promotion agencies & music publishers based in the dance, pop, electronic, independent and rock scene - for example: MUTE (usa/gb/ger), DOMINO (uk/ger) UNIVERSAL MUSIC (ger), NAIVE (fr/ger), PIAS (ger) CITY SLANG (ger), AFM (ger), PUBLIC MUSIC MEDIA (ger), COMPOST (ger), BELIVE DIGITAL (ger), ROUGH TRADE DISTRIBUTION (ger)

HEAR THE MUSIC can lower your promotional expenses and efforts due to its practical and inexpensive online offer.

Don´t hesitate to contact us to receive your access to a demo account.

Green-Energy for HTM Servers

For HTM renewable energy sources are used to power the severs. The environmental partner is certified NaturEnergie AG. 

Easy to handle

You decide which format the recipient should be provided with (e.g. mp3 or wav files). You can send relevent information such as label copies and info sheets right along. Embed video clips and links.

Effective statistics

You will have the results of your digital promotion process statistically analyzed, and presented to you as well-structured charts and graphics.

Secure audiofiles

Watermark protection of your sent files will provide you with maximun security without limited use for the recipient. We are using the watermark developed by the renowened FRAUNHOFER INSTITUT.

Intuitive usage

Work HEAR THE MUSIC intuitively - you can start right away without prior technical know-how or tedious tutorials. 

About Hear The Music

HEAR THE MUSIC is the simple, safe and cost-efficient web application for digital music promotion with an effective analysis of your promo mail-out process. HEAR THE MUSIC is aimed at record companies, small labels, promotion agencies, tour promoters and music publishers. HEAR THE MUSIC allows you to make your music products digitally available to your licensers, the media and business partners worldwide. Contact.

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